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About Us

Sound of Berlin is a brand new platform supporting structural change in the electronic music scene. It’s a multichannel platform, as well as a record label, with the sole aim of amplifying the smaller voices around Berlin’s iconic music- and nightlife scene. At a time where mobility has drastically changed and impacted the global live music industry, Sound of Berlin wants to give emerging artists a platform with worldwide reach.
We want to drive innovation and creation in the scene by mentoring and supporting artists during those difficult times, be they independent one-man labels, self-releasing artists, club owners, independent curators, or stage- and light designers, to name a few. It’s our goal to shine a light on all aspects of the scene and give everyone a voice.

Sound of Berlin is an offshoot of:

The electronic music label Embassy One, Initially bearing the name “Ministry Of Sound” Germany GmbH, operating Since 2001.

The Berlin-based music promotion agency Guerilla Music GmbH actively promoting music and online content since 1999 through digital publications and social media.

The digital radio FluxMusic is a web application created by FluxFM which is a radio station, an online platform, a community and event organiser: a network for a variety of activities and scenes.

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