Jazz is the Teacher

About the track:

For Northern Vector, paying homage to their idols from two techno capitals of the word – Juan Atkins, Thomas Fehlmann, Moritz von Oswald – by tackling the deathless 1993 tune ‘Jazz Is The Teacher’ by M500 & 3MB became something of a learning curve. “Learning the jazzy keyboard parts and synth chords took some effort. But it was a great learning experience. It was a nice afternoon session at Mike’s Berlin studio coming up with the ideas.” Ditching the original synth strings, accentuating the bassline, and jazzing it all up with silky major sevenths – while retaining the signature sound of Northern Vector – their tech house-leaning take has every opportunity to get the floors moving this summer.

Stream: https://northernvector.lnk.to/JazzIstheTeacher


About Northern Vector:

Northern Vector, a producer-trio consisting of Mark Thibideau, Matt Thibideau, and Mike Shannon, go back 30 years. In the early 90s they all lived in southwestern Ontario, and it was around this time when they got into synthesizers and making electronic music. Not long after Matt released his first record ‘Polarised’ as Altitude on Blue Recordings, Mark put out his debut release ‘Microdots’ on Woodwork Recordings under the moniker Crave, and Mike started his label Cynosure Recordings. This summer we will get to see Matt Thibdeau will play live at Superbooth, Berlin (13 May) and Shannon at Caprices Festival 2023 (7 April) in Switzerland.

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Stream: the Berlin Undercover Compilation

About the original: “Jazz is the Teacher” by 3MB, a collaboration of Thomas Fehlmann, Moritz von Oswald, and Juan Atkins, is a groundbreaking fusion of jazz and techno released in 1993. The track features live jazz instrumentation by saxophonist Evan Parker, adding a dynamic quality to the music. It rebelled against commercialization, inspiring artistic freedom and experimentation in electronic music. Experience the unique sound and cultural significance of this influential track.