All That She Wants

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The most leftfield moment of Berlin Undercover by some distance is Garden’s tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the 1992 reggae-pop smash hit ‘All That She Wants’ by Swedish group Ace of Base. Working his magic by transposing the song to a different key, splicing up the chords and interweaving them skittery 808 breaks, Garden’s frenetic, dubby electro funk is closest you can get to imagining what would happen if Yellow Magic Orchestra and Aphex Twin joined forces in some bizarre parallel universe.

About Olin:

Kansan by birth, Chicagoan by honor, Berliner by chance. Olin (born Jason Garden) has devoted most of their waking life to the transformative power of The Rave. With several releases on labels such as Argot, Discovery, Nervous, Night Owl Diner, Detour, and a forthcoming release on Sound of Berlin, Olin has cast a wide net with their productions, which range from deep techno to Italo disco. Their label, Boundary Monument, aims to capture the various intersections of their sundry taste. Their DJ sets offer the same peculiar pulse and are often expansive uninhibited affairs. Now Berlin-based, they are a current Refuge Radio resident and are a former long-time resident and booker of legendary Chicago institution, Smartbar.



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About the original: “All That She Wants” is a 1992 hit by Swedish pop group Ace of Base. The song’s success can be attributed to its catchy melody, distinctive sound, and reggae-style beats. The simple yet relatable lyrics tell the story of a woman searching for love. The memorable music video, set in a desert with surreal imagery, adds to the track’s allure. With its unique sound and relatable lyrics, “All That She Wants” has become a classic in the pop music genre.

Deeper Conversations EP

Artist :
Title : Deeper Conversations EP
Release Date : 21. October 2022
Catalog ref. : 020

Coming on strong with his first release for Sound of Berlin – as you would expect from the resident DJ of the hippest club north of the Spree (sorry, Berghain) – Peter Schumann’s ‘Deeper Conversations EP’ hits the sweet spot between the groove-of-all-grooves of the late 1980s Chicago, and the rugged, techy variety of the mid-1990s London. The deal here is very much: out with the new, in with the old.

Getting straight down to business, House Magic’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Lulling you into eight minutes of pure bliss with its gently glowing pads, stonking Moog-bassline, and silky organ hooks in minor 7th, it’s a solemn hat tip to none other than Mr. Fingers and his legendary 1986 cut ‘Can You Feel It?’ You want any closer to Chicago, you’ll be looking at a minimum $300 one way.

Unless, of course, your mate happens to have a sideline as a flight-attendant (what are the odds) “We have a little connection to Gramaphone in Chicago,” Schumann says. “And with my friend, with whom I run the label, he’s a flight attendant and so he brought our records to Gramaphone, 20 records, and said ‘here you can have it for your mail order for your store.’”

Schumann’s connection with house goes way back to his Frankfurt days. When he started DJing in 1995, he was one of the regulars at a club run by Ata Macias called Robert Johnson. “I was there every weekend. And that’s where I saw Mr. Fingers playing,” he recalls, eyes sparkling. “For me, it was a big education.”

By contrast, ‘Dapé’ featuring David Dorad marks a distinct change of gear as we kick off bottom heavy with chunky kicks and thick sub bass, London style, and then gather momentum before slowly morphing into a sleek, OB-6 led minimal dancefloor slammer speckled with vocal samples and ultra-smooth crossfades.Apart from breathing new life into tech house, ‘Dapé’ also captures the vibe at Holzmarkt, an impressive hub of non-stop creative activity on the Spree where Dorad has a studio next door to Schumann. After using Cubase for 20 years, Schumann made a big step by switching to Ableton Live. “I had some questions about the DAW so he answered immediately,” he remembers. “And then we thought we could do something together.”

Beginning EP

Artist :
Title : Beginning EP
Release Date : 2. September 2022
Catalog ref. : 019

What do you get when you take the cottony, sweeping pads of the IDM and throw some of that good ol’ trancey Roland TB 303 squelch into the mix?
Intelligent house, of course. That is how Pawas Gupta Sound of Berlin A&R by day, DJ producer hyphenate by night describes the fluid, spacious beats of ‘Beginning EP’in what appears to be more than a nod to Pawas’ early idols Satoshie Tomiie, Underworld, and Daft Punk. His aptly named EP represents a turning point on Pawas’ career, an opportunity to move away from his desk and get back into the studio. “As the EP title says, after a few months break I decided to work on my original style of music which I did ignore for a while,” Pawas wrote.
It is a versatile and detailed record equally suited for a full house at OHM in Berlin (‘Beginning’) or an early evening at Sunset Ashram over in Ibiza (‘Hangover’), even a pair of closed back studio headphones for a listener who has exceeded their recommended intake. “Hangover is more on the dub side which is the style I love to produce in my free time,” Pawas explained. “In this case it was done with a heavy head, hence the name…”
In a city renowned for its dance music scene and frequently ranked as the number one destination for the best nightlife in Europe, comedowns are a given. But there is another side to it as well Pawas has become familiar with since his move from India back in 2009.
“Being the kind of city Berlin is, it can bring out the best or worst in you, and in my case, it was healthy mix of both. However, it did help me evolve as a DJ and producer and made a lot of unthinkable things possible.”

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Adept Aeronautics EP

Artist :
Title : Adept Aeronautics
Release Date : 27. May 2022
Catalog ref. : 016

The Boundary Monument label honchos share their Adept Aeronautics EP including some of their favourite tonal sounds: “the Korg M1 “Organ 1″ preset, and papa 303”. Recorded during the height of the pandemic, the atmosphere of the EP provides a properly combustible juxtaposition of club theology, ailing from Olin’s obsession with dance music. “Adept Aeronautics”, the main track of the EP, is a reminder that even the simplest of things can be incredibly effective. An all-around 90’s tech-house inspired bassline leads the way, interpreting these classic sounds in a fresh, contemporary manner, solidly built for the dance floor while exploring the in-betweens of house music. The second track, “Odd Materials”, may be interpreted as a homage to the golden age of the Acid House and its Manchester church Hacienda. Olin take us on a journey with the iconic Roland TB 303 and reminds us of its sonic power.


Flamingo EP

Artist :
Release Date : 29. April 2022
Catalog ref. : 015

Followed by further releases on AvantRoots, Sirion Records, Splendid Lo-Fi, Cynosure Recordings, Tip Tap Records, Manuscript Records, Endemic Records, and Kaato Music throughout the years, Bern-based deep-house agitator Mastra makes a remarkable entry on Sound of Berlin with Flamingo EP, available digitally on April 29.

The tune that got Mastra signed to Sound of Berlin was Flamingo Nights, which is a hit. There’s a straightforward, dubby chord progression that radiates out from the center.
The music on the second track Flamingo Days feels deeper, slower, and more layered than the first one.
The seams are inaudible, and these two tracks take on a dubby, straight-forward beat quality somewhere between techno and deep-house.
Mastra’s steady hand helps them melt into each other and evolve into something else entirely, something that feels groovy and universal as his own work.
“For me, there was always the fascination that music or in other words audible frequencies open completely new horizons.  It is the only way to transmit information that cannot be manipulated and has the ability to transport emotions.” – Mastra adds.
This attention to detail is what gives Mastra’s productions their depth of soul, which is often lacking in this occasionally grueling corner of dance music.

Flamingo EP will be released digitally on April 29, followed by a music video by Guza a few weeks later.

— Mastra - Flamingo Nights (Official Video)

1 Year Compilation

Artist : , , , , , , , , , , ,
Title : Sound of Berlin - Year One Compilation
Release Date : 17. December 2021
Catalog ref. : 012

What exactly is the Sound of Berlin? What made Berlin the capital of electronic music? How did a city develop such a unique club and nightlife culture, counting more than 270 clubs and music venues, innumerable number of event organizers, party promoters, artists and music labels? Is techno the only music genre that defines Berlin’s sound? Those are the questions that occurred to our label while since our first release im December 2020.

2020 has brought a deep uncertainty to the music scene and redefined its own existence. It made people reflect on the importance of culture, music, and social gatherings. But it also opened windows to opportunities and new projects, with one question in mind – how could music thrive in the time of coronavirus? New forms of consuming music appeared – live streams, NFTs, Instagram Reels – streaming platforms exploded their listening time, and artists had to find new ways to connect to their fans. 

But music had to live. Music had to be released. Berlin had to shine. As a documentary, multimedia platform, playlists, and radio shows, aiming to amplify the voices of Berlin’s music scene, Sound of Berlin had to be a label. 

By signing newcomers as well as established artists, our team brings artists from different landscapes in order to share their stories as well as their connection with Berlin. Every month, Sound of Berlin introduces a new 2-track EP, ranging from techno to minimal, house, experimental, IDM, new wave, deep house, accompanied by a music video.

Launched in December 2020, the label has released eleven EPs, including the releases of Marc Houle, Alinka, Chymera, and Artefakt, with an amount of six nationalities, and five female artists – Rose Bonica and Olivia Corsi as videographers, Alinka, BB Deng, and a half of INIT as producers – as well as the releases of eight animated music videos on Youtube.

On December 17, Sound of Berlin – Year One Compilation has been released on all digital platforms, including a bonus track by Cleymoore.

Prisma EP

Artist :
Title : Prisma EP
Release Date : 27. August 2021
Catalog ref. : SOB 009

The EP, consisting of two tracks, “Prisma” and ”Glitch Behaviour”, showcases DJ T-1000‘s versatile style. The leading track ”Prisma” is convincing with its groovy beats and hypnotic yet glitchy synths. The second track is honoring its title with heavy fast-paced beats, glitchy sounds, and a mesmerizing rhythm that feels out of this world.

Now based in Berlin, Alan D. Oldham, aka DJ T-1000, has been dubbed ”Detroit‘s Renaissance Man” by Muzik Magazine. A lifelong cartoonist and graphic designer, young Oldham published his own indie comic book “Johnny Gambit” in 1987 to local notoriety. Hired that same year by his childhood friend Derrick May to illustrate several memorable pieces for his new Transmat label, this led to Oldham’s very first involvement in the fledgling techno scene. More art requests quickly followed, most famously from the Djax-Up-Beats label (NL), where his art took center stage for many years. At the same time, college-student Oldham was hired at local radio station WDET, hosting Detroit’s first-ever all-electronic radio program, “Fast Forward,” introducing artists like UR, Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig to local airwaves.

Five years later, Oldham found himself under the tutelage of UR’s Mad Mike Banks. Initially hired as UR’s “Minister of Information,” working side-by-side with Rob Hood and others in the office, Oldham was eventually tapped to replace his departing friend Jeff Mills as DJ on UR’s world tour, and DJ T-1000 (and his label Generator, distributed by Submerge) was born. For a year afterwards, Oldham toured with Banks in the UR techno boot camp. Since those long-ago days, a solo Oldham continues to rock crowds in Berlin (with an unofficial residency at Tresor), Milan, Barcelona (unofficial residency at Moog), Madrid, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and all points in between with his own no-nonsense brand of bangin’, funky-ass techno. When DJ T-1000 is on the flyer, fans know he’s bringing the ruckus.

In 2004, Oldham finally left a flagging Motor City for the Midwest boomtown of Chicago. And in 2005 he finally established his permanent European base in the world’s latest electronic music

capital, Berlin. When he’s not behind the decks or in the studio producing electronic dance music for labels like Tresor Berlin, Inzec (CH), Minimalsoul (CH), or his own Pure Sonik and Generator imprints, Oldham has provided artwork for the electronic music industry for almost 20 years. His drawings and large-scale paintings have been on display in art galleries in Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, and most recently a sold-out opening in Amsterdam.

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Gratiot EP

Artist :
Title : Gratiot EP
Release Date : 26. June 2021
Catalog ref. : SOB007

Marc Houle releases his new EP Gratiot via Sound of Berlin, a sensual ode to club’s moments, between experimental house and minimal techno. Marc Houle generally releases his material on his imprint Items & Things, which makes this new release on Sound of Berlin even more intriguing.

Gratiot EP isn’t a departure—this is Marc’s hommage to Berlin, its past, its future, and an ode to the electronic music capital where the Canadian techno producer is now based. Taken from the Sound of Berlin Documentary score that Marc has signed in 2018, which gathers more than 750.000 views on Youtube today , the first track “Gratiot” pictures a smoky and deep journey around the city, from a club to another, like a cruise on a layer of silk as it shifts between ethereal chords and ascending synth pad progressions, giving a pensive but ecstatic soundscape on the top of simple but effective rhythmic elements. An after-hours gear inspired by the unique night life and club scene of Berlin.

“This Old House” starts with a forthright and groovy bassline that takes the listener straight into the club. But there’s something about the track that feels reverential of the kind of atmospheric, wiggly house most closely associated with the Sound of Berlin. There’s something old-school about it, as if the layers of rhythmic percussion and hammering bassline both captivate and intimidate, a slight looseness that makes its loopy psychedelia all the more appealing.

Raised adjacent to Detroit in Windsor, Ontario, in the same fertile music community that spawned Richie Hawtin, Houle’s obsession with electronic sounds goes back to the noise of ’80s video games and vintage synthesizers. A decade-long career of seminal records on Richie Hawtin’s Minus label, as well as his own Items & Things imprint, that not only helped define the beloved minimal sound of the mid-‘00s (“On It”), but had a laugh at its expense (“Techno Vocals”), before transcending the limits of the sub-genre completely by incorporating industrial, disco and new wave influences (“Undercover”).

Not strictly bound to electronic music in the traditional sense, Houle’s work has also led to explorations into film, producing a score of Kurutta Ippeiji’s 1926 original silent film ‘A Page of Madness’ to critical acclaim. Add the equation a deeply rooted connection and affinity with the city of Detroit, widely regarding as the birthplace of Techno, and equally as close ties to Houle’s current adopted home of Berlin, exemplified through his creation and development of 2018’s ‘Sound of Berlin’ documentary soundtrack, and it’s no wonder Houle’s records have found their way into the crates of DJs far-flung from his typical list of peers.

Bell Trip EP

Artist :
Title : Bell Trip EP
Release Date : 28. May 2021
Catalog ref. : SOB006
The main track Bell Trip travels through loopy techno, undulating noises. The bells mirror this tension, stretched to its breaking point over a bassline that worms through the quantized beat. Strange and hypnotic, it’s a surprisingly gentle journey despite its busy rhythms.
The second track That’s what I thought starts with a heavy techno beat before offering a release with some welcome house chord crescendos and glitched vocal samples.
Written during the course of the Corona pandemic, that EP is an homage to Berlin dancefloors that BB Deng describes as her biggest influence “the biggest influence for me is not a specific person but the dancefloor itself”. 
A music video produced and animated by Marc Houle for the main track Bell Trip will follow the release.

Soul System EP

Artist :
Title : Soul System
Release Date : 26. February 2021
Catalog ref. : SOB003

About the Release

The EP radiates a sort of nostalgia back to when clubs were open and we were allowed to spend our weekends on the dance floor. Fusing elements of several different genres, ranging from groovy house and funk to organic aspects of house and hip hop while factoring in aspects of futuristic techno.

About the EP, Dan says: “I mainly used external analogue and digital gear and samples to craft these tracks. The vocal sample in Body Flap Position and the namesake for the track is from NASA astronauts performing a docking manoeuvre on the ISS.   I’m presenting deep emotion and deep groove with hard beats on this EP. That’s the combo I was feeling when in the studio doing these tracks!”

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