All That She Wants

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The most leftfield moment of Berlin Undercover by some distance is Garden’s tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the 1992 reggae-pop smash hit ‘All That She Wants’ by Swedish group Ace of Base. Working his magic by transposing the song to a different key, splicing up the chords and interweaving them skittery 808 breaks, Garden’s frenetic, dubby electro funk is closest you can get to imagining what would happen if Yellow Magic Orchestra and Aphex Twin joined forces in some bizarre parallel universe.

About Olin:

Kansan by birth, Chicagoan by honor, Berliner by chance. Olin (born Jason Garden) has devoted most of their waking life to the transformative power of The Rave. With several releases on labels such as Argot, Discovery, Nervous, Night Owl Diner, Detour, and a forthcoming release on Sound of Berlin, Olin has cast a wide net with their productions, which range from deep techno to Italo disco. Their label, Boundary Monument, aims to capture the various intersections of their sundry taste. Their DJ sets offer the same peculiar pulse and are often expansive uninhibited affairs. Now Berlin-based, they are a current Refuge Radio resident and are a former long-time resident and booker of legendary Chicago institution, Smartbar.



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About the original: “All That She Wants” is a 1992 hit by Swedish pop group Ace of Base. The song’s success can be attributed to its catchy melody, distinctive sound, and reggae-style beats. The simple yet relatable lyrics tell the story of a woman searching for love. The memorable music video, set in a desert with surreal imagery, adds to the track’s allure. With its unique sound and relatable lyrics, “All That She Wants” has become a classic in the pop music genre.