Café del Mar

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There’s no two ways about it: that you can take any tune off the Mixmag’s ‘50 Greatest Dance Tracks Ever’ and make a cover version of it means you’ve got some cojones. And that’s exactly what Khalaj has done here with the genre-defining moment that is Energy 52’s ‘Café Del Mar’. Arpeggiating those iconic plucky notes and laying them on top of sustained chords, the fierce trance cut that becomes noticeably less cluttered and more contemplative, melodic techno experience stretching across 8 minutes.

About Namito:

Born in Tehran, Iran, Namito (Ali Khalaj), has been DJing and producing since 1989. What first started off as a passion for the local, buzzing Berlin techno scene soon turned into profession as Khalaj released his own music on renowned international labels such as Kling Klong, Systematic Recordings, Kompakt, Yoshitoshi, Selador, and Sol Selectas, to name a few. Residencies in the best Berlin clubs like Tresor and Sternradio were followed by international gigs in all continents.


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About the original: Energy 52’s global hit “Café Del Mar” captivated audiences with its catchy melody and association with the legendary Ibiza club. Released in 1993 during the rise of trance music, this track became a genre classic, known for its uplifting vibes and calming effect. Its popularity extended to films, TV shows, and commercials, cementing its status as a timeless electronic music gem.

Greece 2000

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About the track: Rising to the occasion, Low Volume’s track of choice – 1997 single ‘Greece 2000’ by the Dutch duo Three Drives On A Vinyl – still carries some serious clout. “This track has been an anthem ever since it was released and today after almost 25 years it still is an anthem,” Gupta says. “It never gets old.” Toning down the original stab sequences with TB 303 bassline, atmospheric pads, and reverb effects, Low Volume has extracted the otherworldly essence of the original and given it a delicate Balearic twist.


About Low Volume: Low Volume is a collaboration between two Indian born producers Pawas Gupta and Ambrish Yadav. Low Volume was born in 2009 when the duo happened to be living in the same neighbourhood in Germany. Making music late at night in a bedroom studio required the volume level to be practically inaudible and this is what gave the project its name. Their most recent release ‘Look Behind EP’ on Sirion Records received a warm welcome from Waiying Ho of Fact Mag: ‘diving into deep 

About the original: Greece 2000″ became a global hit in the late 1990s and early 2000s due to its infectious melody, driving beat, and incorporation of traditional Greek instrumentation. The track features a catchy lead melody played on a Greek instrument called the bouzouki, which adds a unique and exotic flavour to the song. “Greece 2000” was released during the peak of the trance music genre, which was characterized by uplifting melodies and energetic beats that were perfect for the club scene. The track’s popularity in the clubs helped it gain traction and become a hit on the charts. In addition to its musical qualities, “Greece 2000” also has an emotional and nostalgic quality that resonates with listeners. The track’s name and melody evoke images of ancient Greece and its rich history and culture, which adds to its appeal and gives it a timeless quality. Overall, the combination of a catchy melody, driving beat, incorporation of traditional Greek instrumentation, and emotional resonance helped make “Greece 2000” a global hit and a classic of the trance music genre.

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