Bizarre Love Triangle

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 About the track: Wrapping up Berlin Undercover in style, BB Deng delivers a delightfully fresh interpretation of New Order’s 1986 synth-pop sensation ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’. Ditching Peter Hook’s finest moment for a Hi-NRG-style offbeat bassline, augmenting the melody to the nth degree, and – wait for it – grabbing the microphone, Deng’s musically luscious tribute wouldn’t feel out of place on a Best of Eurodisco compilation between ‘You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul’ and ‘Voyage Voyage’. Right up there with the versions by Desire (Johnny Jewel) and Sugar for Sugar (Scarlett Johansson).



About BB Deng:

DJ/music producer/label owner BB Deng was born in Hong Kong and raised in Taiwan. She began her musical journey by playing in rock/electro punk bands and working as a resident DJ in clubs in Taipei. Later on she moved to Beijing to study film and has by years developed to one of China’s most active electronic music artists. In Beijing, she opened her club “The Boat” and has organized countless music/art events/ festivals in China for a decade. She is also a promoter/booker between East and West. Since 2015, she started touring festivals and clubs worldwide, from Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Mongolia to Germany and the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Austria, Finland, Poland and Spain to name a few. Same year, BB Deng signed with the British electronic music equipment label Novation as its first Taiwanese ambassador in China and began releasing her work on global labels in the coming year. BB Deng has called Berlin home since 2018 and remains active in the scene with the birth of her new event/label Ego Riot in 2022.

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About the original: “Bizarre Love Triangle” is a popular song by the British band New Order, released in 1986 as a single from their album “Brotherhood”. The song is known for its upbeat and danceable rhythm, catchy melody, and heartfelt lyrics. One of the things that make “Bizarre Love Triangle” special is its use of electronic instrumentation. The song features a prominent synthesizer riff, which is layered with drum machines, bass guitar, and guitar. The use of electronic instrumentation was a hallmark of New Order’s sound and helped to define the synth-pop genre. Another aspect that makes “Bizarre Love Triangle” stand out is its emotional depth. The lyrics explore the theme of love and the confusion and uncertainty that can come with it. The chorus, which features the repeated line “Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray,” is particularly poignant and has become a classic of the genre. In addition, the song’s production is notable for its use of layering and sequencing. The different elements of the track are carefully balanced and arranged to create a dynamic and engaging sound. The song also features a memorable and singable melody that has made it a favorite of fans of New Order and synth-pop music in general. Overall, “Bizarre Love Triangle” is a special track that showcases New Order’s talents as musicians and songwriters. Its use of electronic instrumentation, emotional depth, and memorable melody make it a standout track in the synth-pop genre and a classic of the 1980s.