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About Us

Sound of Berlin is a project initiated by the electronic record label Embassy One that releases artists such as Monolink, Stimming, Robyn, Peer Kusiv, Moonbootica, Tube & Berger, and more.

Originally a successful compilation series of electronic music initiated by Ministry of Sound Germany, Sound of Berlin aims at sharing the lifestyle and the music of Berlin with the world by introducing and promoting online content about insights of the German capital.

Taking as a starting point the release of the full-length documentary Sound of Berlin – a journey through the capital of electronic music including interviews with Juan Atkins, Dr. Motte, Dimitri Hegemann, Marc Houle, Monolink and Pan-Pot – premiered on Apple Music in September 2018, Sound of Berlin has become a multi-disciplinary platform that offers content online focused on the Berlin electronic music scene and its actors. 

By introducing weekly guests, newcomers, already established artists, party promoters, clubs, ravers, Sound of Berlin invites actors of the scene to collaborate via interviews, releases, playlists/mix contributions, podcasts and discuss with us the current face of the Berlin’s underground music scene, its history, evolution, operation, hidden gems and secrets.

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