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EveryThursday from 23:00 – 00:00 DJ & producer Pawas is taking over the control at 100.6 FluxFM and inviting artists from the scene for a 1 hour DJ set and Interview on his weekly show Sound Of Berlin / FOCUS ON.

Berlin is known to be the European cradle of electronic music… Kicks, snares, breaks and synthesizers are making the German capital vibrating thanks to a large diversity of clubs, concert halls, studios, records and music shops. If the techno underground gave Berlin its reputation, the city can claim today an abundance of electronic genres and subgenres. You want to know more? Follow the guide!

In the global techno community, Pawas needs no introduction. As the head of electronic music at Flux FM, he is working on hand-curation channels to invite the most prominent guests and make you discover his finest selection of tracks.

Thanks to the Sound of Berlin mastermind, you will access unreleased music, hear about the most cutting-edge artists and dig deep into the jungle of electronic music to catch its hidden gems.