About the track:

True to form, Berlin Undercover sees Marc Houle crossing yet another border with his blistering, bottom heavy reiteration of Steve Poindexter’s eerie acid-house pandemonium ‘Computer Madness’ from 1989, a textbook case of making a bona fide underground hit on limited gear and shoestring budget. Striking the balance between the authentic feel of the original and putting his own stamp on the tribute, Houle has emulated legendary chiptune samples of a battery-powered Casio while swapping the wiry CZ-101 samples with chunky, acoustic kickdrum and toms. Tapping into the raw analogue energy of the original and beefing up the sound with exceptional drum programming is the name of the game here.

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About Marc Houle:

Raised in Windsor, Ontario, Marc Houle crossed the border to attend what some consider the golden age of Detroit techno warehouse parties. Getting hooked on the music meant he was done with drums and the rock band he was involved with, so he took a gig at producer Richie Hawtin’s local club, 13 Below. It was there he met fellow producer Magda, who worked Houle’s tracks into her DJ sets. Hearing the sets, Hawtin became aware of Houle’s music, signed to him to the Minus label, and released his debut album, Restore, in 2004. Two years later, he formed the Minus sub-label Items & Things, but in 2008 he moved to Berlin, so the imprint split from Minus in 2011 and became independent with the help of Magda and Troy Pierce.

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About the original: “Computer Madness” by Steve Poindexter, released in 1989, revolutionized the techno genre through groundbreaking sampling techniques and futuristic soundscapes. The clever use of a sample from the film “WarGames” added a dystopian atmosphere, contributing to the track’s unique appeal. Its fast and frenetic beats, combined with futuristic elements, played a vital role in shaping a new style of dance music focused on technology and innovation. This track solidified Steve Poindexter’s status as a trailblazer, paving the way for future electronic music producers and pushing the boundaries of technology and sound. With its innovative sampling, futuristic soundscapes, and significant impact on the development of techno music, “Computer Madness” remains an influential piece in the history of electronic music.


Computer Madness

Artist :

“Berlin Undercover,” delivering a scorching, bass-driven rendition of Steve Poindexter’s haunting acid-house masterpiece, ‘Computer Madness’ from 1989. This track stands as a testament to creating an authentic underground hit, showcasing Houle’s exceptional talent to craft remarkable music.