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Refusing to pull any punches, Dan Curtin puts his spin on ‘Der Klang der Familie’ by 3 Phase feat. Dr. Motte, a proper underground heavy hitter with serious pedigree and the instantly recognisable hypnotic synth riff that has been sampled numerous times from hardcore breakbeat to gabber. It’s only fitting that Curtin nods towards the 90s sound at large – syncopating the beat with snares and claps, and making those 303 squelches really sing, Curtin’s version has a crystal clear upper registry and yet faithful to the uncompromising spirit of the original.


Stream: https://dancurtin.lnk.to/DerKlangDerFamilie

About Dan Curtin: 

Dan Curtin’s musical quest began amidst the inception of the techno and house phenomenon of the early 1990s. From his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio Dan experimented with a vast number of styles, producing innovative sounds of every variety: from Chicago to Detroit to the East Coast. Dan’s considerably impressive discography dates back to 1992 when his first releases on Detroit’s 33 RPM Records and Belgium’s Buzz motivated him to launch his own production hub: Metamorphic Recordings. His unwillingness to commit to a singular style was instrumental to his continuously fresh releases on big players such as Peacefrog, Strictly Rhythm and Sublime, and Soma while his forward-thinking approach brought him tremendous support from the likes of Carl Cox, Carl Craig, and many more. In 2003 Dan’s creative instincts provoked him to relocate to the fast-paced music scene of Berlin which triggered a string of new releases on young, happening labels such as Bass Culture, Saved, Bosconi and recently on Steffi’s Dolly Dubs. Over 70 singles, nine albums later Dan is just as innovative and fresh as he has ever been whether recording under his own name or under one of his many aliases such as Purveyors of Fine Funk. His refusal to lock himself into one style as well as his unique ability to collaborate with artists from a variety of genres has helped him to maintain not only his status as an individual amongst a world of ever-increasingly like-minded musicians but also his status as a legend over two decades.

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About the original: “Der Klang Der Familie” (The Sound of the Family) is a seminal German techno track that was released in 1992 by the Berlin-based DJ and producer trio 3Phase. The song is known for its significant role in the development of the techno scene in Berlin and for capturing the spirit of the city during the early 1990s. One of the things that make “Der Klang Der Familie” special is its use of repetition and minimalism. The track features a simple and hypnotic bassline that is repeated throughout, with subtle variations and additions to the sound. This creates a trance-like atmosphere that is characteristic of early techno music and is a hallmark of the genre. Another aspect that makes the track stand out is its connection to the Berlin techno scene. “Der Klang Der Familie” was released at a time when Berlin was undergoing significant cultural and political changes following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The track and the techno scene that it helped to define became a symbol of the city’s reunification and a way for young people to express themselves and connect with each other. In addition, the track’s lyrics, which are spoken in German, reflect the feeling of unity and shared experience that was central to the Berlin techno scene. The lyrics describe the sound of the family, which is a metaphor for the collective experience of the dance floor and the shared love of techno music. Overall, “Der Klang Der Familie” is a special track because of its significance in the development of the techno scene in Berlin and its capture of the spirit of the city during a time of great change. Its use of repetition and minimalism, connection to the Berlin techno scene, and evocative lyrics make it a classic of the genre and a symbol of a pivotal moment in German history.”

Stream: the Berlin Undercover Compilation

Der Klang der Familie

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Dan Curtin Unleashes His Remix of ‘Der Klang der Familie’ by 3 Phase feat. Dr. MotteDan Curtin fearlessly presents his rendition of ‘Der Klang der Familie’ by 3 Phase feat. Dr. Motte, an underground heavyweight boasting impressive credentials and a hypnotic synth riff that has been sampled across various genres, from hardcore breakbeat to gabber. Curtin pays homage to the 90s sound by skillfully syncopating the beats with snares and claps, while ensuring the 303 squelches shine bright. His version retains a crystal-clear upper registry, all while staying true to the uncompromising spirit of the original composition. Prepare to be captivated by Curtin’s dynamic remix, which skillfully merges nostalgia with contemporary vision.