About the Release

The track ‘Lonely Boy’ is a collaboration between Namito and Dan F. and was made in the mountains over seeing Hong Kong, where Dan lives. The track’s development is an analogy to Namito’s immigration as a teen without his parents to Germany. At the beginning there is uncertainty but as time goes by, the kick starts to puls and a curious melody shows up, similar to his arrival and stabilising in West-Berlin.
With ‘Caracal’ Namito is attempting again to combine the sounds of the West with the myth of the Orient. The acid-driven beat and bass-line is the foundation of this wild track – named after the
highly secretive and difficult to observe wild cat. The melody on the other hand is adding the mystery of the Middle East on top of the rough drums. The melody was recorded in one go, without programming or editing.

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Lonely Boy EP

Artist :
Title : Lonely Boy EP
Release Date : 11. December 2020
Catalog ref. : SOB001

Iranian-born producer Namito is sharing his forthcoming EP ‘Lonely Boy’ via brand new label and multimedia platform, Sound Of Berlin. ‘Lonely Boy’ is a collection of dark, hypnotic tracks that capture the iconic underground sound of Germany’s capital.