About the track: On Berlin Undercover, Bruno Santos reveals his fascination for rhythmic complexities with his deep downtempo cover of TOOL’s 2001 ‘Schism’ known for its mind-boggling time signatures. What could become a tough act to follow, Bruno Santos grabs by the tail – recreating the instantly recognisable bass lick with organ bass and offbeat hi-hat rolls, fleshing out the melody with pads while keeping the track slithering and sliding forward, Bruno gives a prog metal masterpiece a new lease of life somewhere between Pye Corner Audio and  Recondite.


Stream: https://cleymoore.lnk.to/Schism

About Cleymoore:

Lisbon is Portugal’s coastal capital, and former sunny home to the now Berlin-based audio-visual artist Bruno Santos, aka Cleymoore. Father of the ever-growing artist collective and record-label Pluie/Noir, an imprint focused on audio-visual collaborations under his artistic curation, Cleymoore has a very peculiar vision about music and how it should be experienced. Over the last 4 years Pluie/Noir released 70 audio-visual podcasts, 2 cassettes and 9 vinyl-only releases that showcase world-wide talents from young names such as Vlad Caia or Volkan Akin, to veterans by the likes of Petre Inspirescu or Fumiya Tanaka. In between music making and graphic designing, he’s been actively dj’ing around the globe performing in clubs & festivals such as Concrete, Rex, Air Tokyo, Club der Visionaere, Closer, Waha Festival or Piknic Electronik, to name a few.

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Stream: the Berlin Undercover Compilation

About the original: “Schism” is a standout song by American progressive metal band Tool, released in 2001 as the lead single from their album “Lateralus.” This remarkable track is characterized by its complex time signatures, intricate guitar riffs, and haunting lyrics. Notably, “Schism” stands out for its use of irregular time signatures, including 5/4, 7/8, and 6/8, creating a sense of tension and unease. The introspective and spiritual lyrics delve into themes of relationships, communication struggles, and artistic pressure. With Adam Jones’ intricate guitar work and Maynard James Keenan’s powerful vocals, the song’s dynamic shifts further amplify its impact. Overall, “Schism” is a unique and captivating masterpiece, showcasing Tool’s musical prowess and lyrical depth.


Artist :

Discover Bruno Santos’ captivating take on TOOL’s renowned 2001 track, ‘Schism,’ featured on Berlin Undercover. Santos’s deep downtempo rendition showcases his fascination with rhythmic complexities, paying homage to the mind-boggling time signatures that define the original. With his unique approach, Santos recreates the iconic bass lick using organ bass and offbeat hi-hat rolls, while enriching the melody with atmospheric pads.