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The EP radiates a sort of nostalgia back to when clubs were open and we were allowed to spend our weekends on the dance floor. Fusing elements of several different genres, ranging from groovy house and funk to organic aspects of house and hip hop while factoring in aspects of futuristic techno.

About the EP, Dan says: “I mainly used external analogue and digital gear and samples to craft these tracks. The vocal sample in Body Flap Position and the namesake for the track is from NASA astronauts performing a docking manoeuvre on the ISS.   I’m presenting deep emotion and deep groove with hard beats on this EP. That’s the combo I was feeling when in the studio doing these tracks!”

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Soul System EP

Artist :
Title : Soul System
Release Date : 26. February 2021
Catalog ref. : SOB003

“US-born producer/ DJ Dan Curtin is sharing his forthcoming EP ‘Soul System’ via the German imprint and multichannel platform, Sound of Berlin.”