About the track:

CYRK’s slick treatment of Mike Oldfield’s spellbinding 1973 prog-rock instrumental ‘Tubular Bells’ is much more John Carpenter-esque than the chilling original in ‘The Exorcist’ – and all the better for it. Going for a total sonic makeover melding electro-funk and synth wave, Goossens and Hetzel have left the main theme intact, dropped the tempo, and transformed the track into a neon-lit spectacle of dramatic synth riffs, bouncy basslines, and spectacular drum fills.


Stream: https://cyrk.lnk.to/TubularBells

About the original:

The theme “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield became known internationally due to its unique and groundbreaking nature. The track was first released in 1973 as the first album on Richard Branson’s newly formed Virgin Records, and it quickly gained popularity in the UK and around the world. Overall, the innovative use of multiple instruments and sounds, combined with the association with a popular film, helped “Tubular Bells” become known internationally and solidified Mike Oldfield’s place as a pioneer of progressive rock and electronic music.

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Tubular Bells

Artist :
Title : Tubular Bells
Release Date : 3. May 2023
Catalog ref. : SOB 023

CYRK is the Berlin-based duo of Sammy Goossens and Pascal Hetzel. Originally intended as a fun hardware-only live project on the side, both of them quickly realized that they were on to something more special. Their extended, genre traversing live jams bristled with the kind of raw energy that was just too good not to capture on vinyl. Goossens and Hetzel later shifted their focus and began to concentrate on CYRK, resulting in the birth of the correspondent label and a string of releases on other imprints such as Rawax, Hike, Vakant, and most recently Cultivated Electronics. In the coming months Berliners will have the opportunity to enjoy CYRK’s live energy at Tresor (21 April) and Berghain Panorama Bar (12 June).