Tom Herman, is born 10 November 1989 in UK, the night the Berlin Wall was being torn down! WOW! He has been a DJ and artist, making small “Weird & Wonderful” events in England before seeking something bigger and more fulfilling to satisfy his drive to create extraordinary otherworldly experiences he has seen at festivals like Glastonbury or Secret garden party in England. Following this gut feeling he came to Berlin by bike 2012, and became naturally absorbed in the seductive and endless supply of possibilities in the event industry.

After a while, paying the bills with graphic design and illustration he decided to take the leap and work exclusively on stage and construction in the clubs and festivals. Like many he was inspired by the story of Bar 25 and was attracted by the hustle of making a statement in Berlin. he began seeking ways to create awe inspiring events that would stand out from the masses of other crews. But with little to work with apart from ambition and creative thinking, he started assembling small, weird but honest installations from materials he found on the streets, offering these to clubs and promoters with a great interest in return.

Gradually this growing demand and small network attracted other like minded creatives to grow the concept of making fabulous creations from very little. They are now called Ram Schakl, and to their fortune they don’t need to laboriously scour the streets for materials these days, making their work stronger, more time efficient and structured. Giving them the opportunity to create small to main stages for (to mention a few) Fusion festival (DE), Garbicz (PL), Bucht der Träumer (DE) and Undercity (PL).

These days he is honored to make artistic impressions alongside some of Berlin’s leading light technicians “Berliner licht Betrieb”, builders, bookers, organisers and activists in the Berlin club scene. Where he wishes to continue stimulating creative ambition in the event industry, to evolve an ever more sensory, socially aware and interconnected community.

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