Varial Crush showcases everything Chymera does well: the rhythms are intricate and shifting, the house chords are appropriate, smooth, and elegant, the track ups the tension before climaxing in a heart-racing break. The EP scales back the rhythms to paint a portrait of the electronic capital, Berlin. The track is warm and hopeful. Its gentle swells tease feeling out of a mild-mannered chords line.

Video animated by Olivia Corsi: “I attempted to visualize the sound through the inside and outside of a geometrical shape. Using the MIDI controller, like in a live performance, I was able to follow the beat and to relate an image to it. 1, 2, 3, 4, … see the sound, listen to the Image. Varial Crush of different elements. A geometrical sphere, an analog human & sparkling bubbles floating in the space. Nothing makes sense, but eventually, everything is connected through the music.”

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