After weathering the dancefloors in the nineties, Mastra’s first release in 2003 on Marco Repetto’s Inzec imprint set the tone for a newcomer to rise when deep house swept through clubs such as Bar 25, Tresor, Cocoon Club, Chalet, Sunset Café (Ibiza), and more around the world. The tune that got Mastra signed to Sound of Berlin was Flamingo Nights – there’s a straightforward, dubby chord progression that radiates out from the center. The music on the second track Flamingo Days feels deeper, slower, and more layered than the first one. The seams are inaudible, and these two tracks take on a dubby, straight-forward beat quality somewhere between techno and deep-house. Mastra’s steady hand helps them melt into each other and evolve into something else entirely, something that feels groovy and universal.

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