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Sound of Berlin – Independent Record Label

Discover: Berlin Undercover - Compilation (out 02/06/23)

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About Sound Of Berlin

At a time where mobility has drastically changed and impacted the music industry, Sound of Berlin aims to give emerging and established artists a new platform and a worldwide reach. By mentoring and supporting artists, Sound of Berlin aims to drive innovation and creation within the electronic music scene.

Taking as starting point the Sound of Berlin documentary released in2018 with interviews from Juan Atkins, Dr Motte, Dimitri Hegemann, Marc Houle and Monolink, and the successful compilation series initiated by Ministry of Sound Germany, Sound Of Berlin has become the fusion of a multi channel platform and a record label, with the aim of amplifying the voices of Berlin electronic music scene and dressing a panorama of Berlin’s unique and iconic sound. 

Our motto – showcase the diversity Berlin has to offer!